The Social Action Network

The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Plan to Attend a Helpspring Kickoff Gathering

Most of us have a strong sense that things are out of whack, off balance, and headed in dangerous directions. In times like these, our way forward is to lean in to the things we know truly matter: a sense of community, participation in groups, meaningful actions, and a good bit of courage. Helpspring, a tool for the times we find ourselves in, will help those things spring up when and where they’re needed most.

Even though we are still developing Helpspring, we can’t wait to celebrate the founding of the organization and to start telling people about what we are building. We are hosting several Helpspring Kickoff Gatherings in January 2023, both in person and online, where you’ll get a sneak peak of what we’re building and why we think it’s so desperately needed. But don’t worry…we aren’t selling anything at these gatherings! However, we’ll welcome your company, your feedback and your continued support. We’ll provide snacks and let people purchase their own drinks. Masking is optional but appreciated. 

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What is Helpspring?

Helpspring is a registered Public Benefit Corporation building a platform that will change how we think about activism and volunterism. It was founded as a collaboration between Aboundant and several key advisors.

People yearn to make a difference, but most of the time they can’t find actions to take that they believe will yield meaningful results. We’re here to help.

A volunteer network made for volunteers

Trust in institutions to deliver change is at an all-time low, so why keep using the same institutional models? By giving volunteers more agency, we’ll kickstart movements from the grassroots up. You’ll be able to find volunteer actions “near me” that speak to your interests.

Not another tired social media network

Helpspring will function like a social media network, but will be built solely around taking actions in groups. It will be easy to take actions with your friends, plus groups can band together around shared actions.

Innovation that will spring movements

We have features that will combat some of the most challenging aspects faced by volunteers, nonprofits and social justice movements while springing creativity and collaboration.